GluBoost distribution by Voerman Amersfoort B.V.

GluBoost is specialized in glueing and color matching in particular on behalf of wooden musical instruments. They supply CA adhesives for a variety of applications, wood repair, sets for color matching and accelerators for CA adhesives. Voerman Amersfoort B.V. takes care of the distribution of these high quality products throughout Europe.

On the one hand GluBoost mainly focuses on luthiers and instrument restorers, on the other hand there are retailers who offer added value by taking care of and repairing the instruments of their customers.

GluBoost-productenOf course in particular luthiers and more specifically repairmen take advantage from the professional features of GluBoost products, but the easy handling of GluBoost materials can as well benefit to incidental users like shopkeepers who want to enhance their services.

Fill ’n Finish

In order to repair dings and dents there are two product variants that differ in fluidity: the thinnest version, Fill 'n Finish Thin Pro, is meant for deeper damages in non-porous types of wood, and the basic version, Fill 'n Finish Pro, suits more common repair and restoration of bumps in porous types of wood. They cause zero to minimal witness lines compared to the original surfaces.


AC adhesives of GluBoost come in two variants as well: Thin and Ultra Thin. Thin is meant for general-use: super strong, excellently fluid and ultra clear. Ultra thin offers an enhanced capillarity and flows easier onto hard-to-reach surfaces.


GluBoost offers three sets for color matching, each for a specific group of colors: Modern for clear, contemporary colors, Vintage for warm, natural oriented colors, and Black & White for any tone that can occur between black and white. Each set contains a selection of tints which allow for color mixing for a flawlessly matching tone. MasterTint sets allow blending with all other GluBoost products, so any cosmetic repair job can be taken care of.


GluBoost accelerates the process of setting of glue and fill products. The operation is extremely easy and within a few seconds after setting the repaired spot can be sanded and polished, making the repair unobservable.

Gluboost products can be ordered by using the downloadable GluBoost order form

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